Ottoman Empire Kurdistan Medal - A Historical and Rare Artifact Kurdistan Medal

It is an order given by the Ottoman Empire to honor soldiers who showed outstanding service and courage in military operations in the Kurdistan region. This medal was awarded during campaigns to suppress rebellions and strengthen Ottoman rule.

Historical Background:
In the last periods of the Ottoman Empire, various rebellions occurred in the Kurdistan region and the Ottoman army organized operations to suppress these rebellions. Heroism and sacrifices were rewarded with the Kurdistan Medal.

Artistic and Cultural Value:
Reflecting the fine workmanship of Ottoman art and craft, the medal reveals the aesthetic understanding and cultural richness of the period.

Collection Value:
This rare medal is of great value to collectors interested in the military and cultural history of the Ottoman Empire. This medal, which is important both historically and aesthetically, makes a unique addition to collections.

Note: Kurdistan is the name given to a region in the southeast of Anatolia during the Ottoman period.

Technicial Specifications:

Material: Silver
Diameter: 26mm
Weight: 8 grams
Obverse: Ottoman monogram and the signature of Sultan Mehmet V Reşad
Reverse: Mountainous area and military elements, Ottoman coat of arms above
Ribbon: Red and green stripe